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Innovatio in the world of Remote Control airplanes


Passione 3D is born in 2017
with the idea of building Remote Control airplanes through the use of 3D printing.
The advantages of this innovative technology compared to traditional technologies such as fiberglass, polystyrene and wood are varied, including: better performances and resistance of materials, ease of repair and possibility of customization.
The first MB339 is thus designed, with the intention of creating an on a scale replica of the plane of the "Frecce Tricolori", the Italian national acrobatic patrol,  that would allow easy transportation. 

The "3d printed RC" project
The RC plane is so innovative and optimized that it is selected to participate in the Maker Faire Rome in 2018, where it is very popular among fans of static and dynamic modeling, and among makers
The magazine Modellistica international also shows its interest, releasing an article about the innovation represented by the project.


A new RC model
Motivated by this success, Passione 3D decides to participate in several other national and international modeling events to make innovation known to an ever wider audience. The larger version of the same MB339 is created, this time the RC plane has a 90mm class ducted electric fan, and boasts a wingspan of 142 cm. After several months of study and optimization, this new RC plane is also selected to participate in the 2019 edition of Maker Faire Rome.
The success of the new ducted fan RC plane brings Passione 3D to Germany for the Jet Power 2019.  


The first 3D printed aircraft to mount a turbine engine.

The interest and feedback received therefore prompted the Passione 3D team to test the model with the most important challenge: to power it with a real JET A1 combustion turbine.
Thus was born the first 3d printed RC plane in the world  to mount a turbine propulsion.

The self-cooling exhaust 

The design challenges in this case were many, but the most important was studying the positioning of the engine to prevent the heat from the turbine from melting the plastic.
The solution was to develop a self-ventilating exhaust that cools itself with the flow of the turbine's exhaust gases, preventing the heat developed by the turbine from spreading to the walls of the aircraft.
This, together with the use of highly technical 3d printing filaments, has made it possible to create a highly performing and resistant RC plane. 

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MB339 Turbine

This variant of the MB339 edf 90mm mounts a real combustion turbine. In flight, this RC plane is truly spectacular, and allows for speeds and stunts impossible with ducted fans.


MB339 edf 90mm

The RC plane with electric ducted fan class 90mm and 142cm wingspan. Its stability even in windy conditions makes it a radio-controlled aircraft dedicated to beginners.


MB339 edf 70mm

RC plane with 70 mm ducted electric fan and 93 cm wingspan. The ideal radio-controlled aircraft to be used every day, given its ease of assembly and extreme portability.

RC Aermacchi Mb326

MB326 edf 90mm

The Aermacchi MB 326 represents something new in the world of dynamic modeling: a medium size aircraft with 90 mm EDF fan, to get out of the current schemes of RC Jets.

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