MB339 Turbine

An injection of fun.


A record-breaking airplane

The MB 339 Turbine is the first 3D printed aircraft in the world to mount a gas turbine propulsion.
This model of RC plane was designed with an excellent ratio between size and weight of the model in flight order, the addition of the turbine provides incredible power, increasing top speed and the ability to perform stunts.
The RTF (Ready to Fly) radio controlled aircraft has in fact an important wingspan of 142 cm, which allows to have a low wing load and a very precise and stable flight even in windy conditions, combined with the propulsion to the JET A1 turbine makes the flight truly spectacular.

MB 339 Turbine

An injection of fun.

Required experience






The special cooling system

The cooling of the turbine is guaranteed by an internal self-ventilation system that allows the continuous passage of cold air inside the fuselage, preventing heat from spreading even after many minutes of flight and preserving the temperature of the plastics and electronics.
The aircraft does not require wing assemblies or planes, it is very easy to transport to the airfield and allows you to fly in no time, once you have filled up with Kerosene.
The turbine-powered RC aircraft can also take off from any airstrip, even from a lawn, given the size of the wheels.



MB339 Turbine

MB339 Turbine is a RC aircraft with JET A1 turbine propulsion.
It has a wingspan of 142 cm which, combined with the exceptional power, offers unparalleled fun.

Technical specs


1450 mm


1420 mm


Type 9-13 gr


Turbina JET A1


2/3 S



In-flight weight

4000-4500 gr


MB339 Turbine

A plane for expert pilots who require speed and power, and who will be able to give new emotions every day.

from € 329,00

Passione 3D di Fabio Berdondini | Pomezia, Roma | Powered by: Brignetti Longoni Design Studio

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