Tornado Panavia

State-of-the-art technology.

Panavia Tornado MRCA Radio controlled aircraft

 The best of two worlds

The Panavia Tornado is the world's first 3D printed aircraft to feature a variable-sweep wing capable of changing the setup in flight.
The powered variable geometry wing combines the maneuverability of the extended wing with the speed provided by the arrow wings, for an extremely exciting flight.
The RTF (Ready to Fly) radio-controlled aircraft is suitable for all levels of pilot: you do not need to be an expert to fly the Panavia Tornado by Passione 3d. The excellent lift of the wing and the design details make it an easy to fly aircraft, designed down to the smallest detail for fluidity and stability in flight.

Tornado Panavia

State-of-the-art technology.

Experience level





Panavia Tornado RC Moving Wings

 The variable-sweep   wing

When the wings are folded back, close to the fuselage, the Tornado increases its speed by reducing drag. When flying with the wings fully extended, the radio-controlled aircraft has more lift due to the increased surface area offered to the air, making it easier to take off and land in tight spaces even without flaps.

The wing's rotation system is extremely robust and consists of a carbon fulcrum locked inside the 3D printed fuselage. This makes the wing very strong, and at the same time detachable at any time for maintenance.  


Panavia PA-200 Tornado IDS

Panavia Tornado MRCA

The Panavia Tornado MRCA is powered by an EDF 100mm version. Passione 3d has developed a specific Y-shaped exhaust to maximise the propulsion and reduce drag.
It has a wingspan of 154 cm when extended, but can be folded for easy transport.

Technical Specs


1670 mm


1540 mm


Mini and Micro

EDF diameter

100 mm


6 S



In-flight weight

5000-5500 gr

Panavia Tornado Roma

Panavia Tornado MRCA

A variable trim RTF radio-controlled aircraft that will entertain all pilots, from beginners to experts.

Starting at € 329,00

Passione 3D di Fabio Berdondini | Pomezia, Roma | Powered by: Brignetti Longoni Design Studio

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