MB 326

An unmistakable style.

mb 326 aereo rc edf a turbina

 Vintage and elegant

The Aermacchi MB 326 is the predecessor of the current MB 339, an aircraft created in the 1950s by engineer Ermanno Bazzocchi for advanced pilot training.
It is a radio-controlled aircraft with a very soft and sinuous shape, and is characterized by a particular aspect with a very imposing nose that makes it unique.
This makes it the ideal model if you want to stand out from the others at the airfield.
The Aermacchi MB 326, also known as Atlas Impala, in fact represents something new and original in the world of dynamic modeling, to get out of the current schemes of RC Jets in circulation.

MB 326

An unmistakable style.

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Rc Aermacchi Impala MB326 Rc EDF Turbine

Dual configuration

The RTF (Ready to Fly) radio-controlled aircraft in flight is very stable, it has a significant wingspan of 152.8 cm, which allows a very precise and stable flight even at low speeds and in high wind conditions.
MB 326 is available in two versions, EDF 90mm and turbine max 45N. This makes the RC aircraft able to adapt to different styles and capabilities of the pilot, from beginner to expert.

As for MB 339 Turbine, in Passione 3d we have studied a turbine cooling system that guarantees an internal self-ventilation chamber that allows the continuous passage of cold air inside the fuselage, preventing the heat from spreading even after many minutes of flight and preserving the temperature of the plastics and electronics.


Mb326 dimensioni

MB 326 

MB 326 is an RC aircraft available with EDF 90mm propulsion and JET A1 turbine.
It has a wingspan of 152.8 cm which, compared to its size, offers a very stable flight and allows you to fly smoothly even at low speeds without problems.

Technical specs


1400 mm


1528 mm


Type 9-13 gr


EDF 90mm
JET A1 Turbine





In-flight weight

4000-4300 gr

Aermacchi MB 326 Rc EDF

MB 326

An aircraft for pilots of all levels who require both stability and speed and power, to try something new every day.

from € 354,00

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