MB339 90mm

Stable and powerful.


Simply fun

This medium-sized RC model has been designed with an excellent ratio between size and weight of the model.
This makes it an Rc plane suitable for beginners.
Our MB 339 edf 90mm also allows less experienced pilots to try their hand at flying safely and approaching radio-controlled aerobatic flight with a stable and performing aircraft.
The model has in fact an important wingspan of 142 cm, which allows to have a low wing load and a very precise and stable flight even in windy conditions. This RC RTF (Ready to Fly) plane is suitable for those who want to experience the thrill of ducted fan flight.

MB 339 90mm

Stable and powerful.

Required experience






Carefully designed

The radio-controlled plane is designed with larger flaps, thus allowing the RC plane to take off and land in very tight spaces. It also has a low stall speed that allows you to perform any acrobatic maneuver in complete safety, making it an excellent Jet Trainer RC.
The aircraft assembles very easily, and its versatility makes it operational even with very inexpensive electronics, in fact, just a force of 3.2Kg in enough.
The wing for transportation by car can be assembled and disassembled very quickly, and can take off from any airstrip, even from a lawn, given the size of the wheels.



MB339 edf 90mm 

MB339 edf 90mm is an RC airplane with 90mm ducted electric fan and 142cm wingspan. The ideal radio-controlled plane for approaching aerobatic flight in complete safety.

Technical specs


1450 mm


1420 mm


Type 9-13 gr


90mm EDF





In-flight weight

3800-4000 gr


MB339 edf 90mm

The ideal radio-controlled plane to be used every day, given its ease of assembly and portability.

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