Why we are different

Passione 3D uses state-of-the-art 3d printers to create light and performing electric and turbine RC airplanes. With our technologies you can customize your RC plane project, maintaining excellent final finishes and low costs. 3D printing also offers the possibility of carrying out service and maintenance of other static and dynamic models.

High Performances

Our radio controlled aircraft achieve high performance thanks to accurate design and use of quality components.


Choose the propulsion, electronic components, color and design of your custom RC plane.

3d printed

We only produce with the highest quality materials and technologies to make each plane unique.

Newly developed aircrafts

The use of latest generation 3D printers has made possible to create light and performing electric and turbine RC aircraft, which offer advantages both in terms of final finishing and costs.

The aircraft


Arrow Jet edf / turbine

Passione3D offers the first 3D printed Sport Jet with exceptional flight qualities for all thumbs and also suitable for beginners. The model has been designed to make the flight experience as engaging as a real Sport Jet.


MB339 Turbine

This variant of the MB339 edf 90mm mounts a real combustion turbine. In flight, this RC plane is truly spectacular, and allows for speeds and stunts impossible with ducted fans.


MB339 edf 90mm

The RC plane with electric ducted fan class 90mm and 142cm wingspan. Its stability even in windy conditions makes it a radio-controlled aircraft dedicated to beginners.

Panavia Tornado

Tornado Panavia

The Panavia Tornado is the world's first 3D printed aircraft to feature a variable-sweep wing capable of changing setup in flight. Designed for fluidity and stability in flight.

RC Aermacchi Mb326

MB326 edf 90mm

The Aermacchi MB 326 represents something new in the world of dynamic modeling: a medium size aircraft with 90 mm EDF fan, to get out of the current schemes of RC Jets.

Trust those who fly with us already.

"MB339 planes are always very stable in flight, even the turbine version."

"It was a lot of fun to fly with the MB339 edf 90mm version."

"I was thrilled to test the turbine version of the MB339."

"The 3D printed MB339 models are all very interesting and fun!"

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